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Minne Market is a retail store of handmade goods.  Below is a summary of Minne Market's consignment terms for your review.  When your products are approved and your application is accepted you will sign a consignment contract.

These are terms for handmade artists to consign their creations. 

  1. Consignment Term:  The spring/summer consignment agreement is dated March 1st through August 31st.  The fall/winter consignment agreement is dated September 1st through February 28th. 

  2. Consignment Cost:  Minne Market retains 35% of the total retail price to pay overhead plus 3% to pay credit card fees.  You will be paid 62% of your sales from the previous month.  Checks will be cut by the 15th of the month for all commissions equal to or greater than $25. All commissions less than $25 will carry over into the next month.  

  3. Minimum Consignment Cost: Minne Market retains a minimum of $50 per month.  For example, if you sell $100 of products, $38 is paid to Minne Market and $62 to you but because there is a minimum of $50, Minne Market will retain $50 and you will get a check for $50.

  4. Custom Order Display (Optional): For $35 per month you may display one item and a custom order flyer within a 2' by 2' space. The flyer will include your contact information and the customer will contact you directly to discuss product details, it's price and delivery or shipping options.  This payment is due via cash or check at drop off. You retain 100% commission.

  5. Products: You may only sell items that are made by you.  We do not sell repurposed, refurbished or antiques. The reasonable amount currently offered for sale will be determined by Minne Market. This is not a specified amount because one plastic storage bin of inventory is a small amount of wall art but an enormous amount of jewelry. Please ask questions. 

  6. Product Drop-off and Restocking: All items must be pre-approved by Minne Market. You will drop off products on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday closest to the 15th of every month.  

  7. Display Set Up: Minne Market will display your products to offer them for sale by the following 1st of the month. Products will be organized and displayed with similar items.  You will not have a specific space. Minne Market will determine the reasonable amount currently offered for sale.  Some excess inventory may be set aside to restock, as your other products sell. Products are displayed in the store in the following order, front to back: Fine art, glass, seasonal, household, jewelry (near the cashier to deter shoplifting), kitchen, food, bath and baby.

  8. Tracking Inventory: You can track your inventory and sales on our user-friendly consignment website.  A login will be e-mailed to you after signing up.

  9. Term-End:  If you do not renew your contract then your items will be removed on the last day of the agreement.  You must pick up your items and pay any balance owed within 15 days. Any items left 30 past term-end become property of Minne Market.

  10. Termination Fee: Either party may terminate the lease at any time for any reason.  If you, the Consignor terminates the lease then you agree to pay a termination fee equal to $35 for each month remaining in the lease. Your products will be released to you when your account has been paid in full.

  11. Consignment Late Fees and Default Contract Consequences: If, at the end of the month, you owe a balance you will receive an e-mail from Minne Market to pay online or in store. A $20 late fee will be assessed if your balance is not paid in full by the 30th.  Your products will also be removed from the store and not offered for sale until you pay that balance. Any balance not paid within 30 days of the due date terminates the contract. In the event of termination, you agree to pay termination fees as detailed above. Your products will be returned to you when you pay your balance in full.  If a balance becomes 90 days past due, your products become property of Minne Market and no commission is paid to you at their sale.

  12. Volunteer Consignors: For every hour that you volunteer in-store or at art fairs on behalf of Minne Market, we will post for sale, and manage, two items for you on Etsy. This includes paying all fees to advertise, sell, and ship these products.

  13. Easy Contact and Communication: We have a Facebook group called MINNE MARKET VENDORS where we share information, ask questions and get delivery and product updates.  We also use this for consignors to post your creations to "claim" that item.  Whomever posts first, gets first right to sell it.  This will prevent duplicates from our vendors that are crafty, with new ideas, creating many various items. 

"Thank you for your interest in Minne Market!  I fully intend for this to be an enjoyable and professional experience for everyone. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.  Sincerely, Tricia Hansen (owner)"

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