"Small Business Spotlight" Space Request 


Minne Market's "Small Business Spotlight" enables local consultants of direct sales businesses to meet clients in our comfortable public space to endorse their products and answer questions.  Consultants we are looking for include, but are not limited to, Mary Kay, Thirty One, Young Living, Tastefully Simple and other similar companies. Our SBS display is an eight foot wide space with a table and tablecloth for rent on a Saturday and Sunday to endorse and sell your products. 


  1. What is the cost? July through October= $30 for Saturday and Sunday (Plus $10 to add Friday)​                            ​​                                      November= $40 for Saturday and Sunday (Plus $15 to add Friday)​​

                                  December= $60 for Saturday and Sunday ( Plus $20 to add Friday)​

  1. Do you collect an additional commission? No. We will advertise for you on social media and all we ask is for you to endorse Minne Market in return. We want this to be enjoyable and adventageous to both parties!

  2. May I sell my products? Yes.  You can either collect payment yourself or customers can pay Minne Market and we will issue a check to you within 7 days.  

  3. How do I price items if I want customer to pay Minne Market? You can price each item or write up an invoice for customers to pay at the cash register.

  4. What is included in the SBS Space? A space approximately eight feet wide by six feet deep equipped with a 54" wide table, a white table cloth, and an outlet with two plug ins. We try to accommodate special requests.

  5. How often may I participate in SBS? Every six weeks.  This keeps our displays fresh for our customers.

  6. Are there other direct sales in Minne Market while I'm there? No.  You will be the only salesperson with direct sales on a weekend. The rest of the store is Minnesota made goods.

  7. What dates are available? Please view the calendar below.  We try to update it as soon as someone signs up.

  8. When do I set up and take down?  You may set up the day before and pack up at the end of the last day.

"Thank you for your interest in Minne Market!  I fully intend for this to be an enjoyable and professional experience for everyone. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.  Sincerely, Tricia Hansen (owner)"