Jessi Spike


"Hello!  A couple years ago my daughter, Paige, and I started making bath bombs and soaps.  Over time, we've progressed into doing smaller vendor events and began fine-tuning and investing more time into our "hobby".  Now it's something she has learned to make on her own!

Formerly, I was a climatologist turned massage therapist and certified labor doula.  I LOVE babies and expecting mamas! My focus and target market is prenatal massage. Over the years I've gotten into essential oils and herbal self-teachings.  Being pregnant with my 4th baby, I really wanted to keep my products more natural and healing. This inspired me to do a prenatal line with oils, herbs, and TONS of research on what's safe and "healing" for pregnancy, post-partum, and breast feeding to try and help with some of the common issues we mamas run into.  I so plan to eventually expand to everyday products as well, but for now the focus is mama and baby related. 

Some of our bath bombs, soaps and salts are just for show and fun, while some are functional using EOs and infused oils and herbs to make fun products with a purpose. ;-)

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