This lip balm contains natural oils and butters to soften and moisturize, and is thick enough to protect your lips from the harshest of elements (extreme cold, strong winds, your boyfriend's three-day stubble). And the subtle scent is truly good enough to eat.


  • Ingredients you know and love: Coconut Oil, Vegetable Soy Oil, Cocoa Butter and Flavor Oil.
  • No petroleum based ingredients (See my blog under "Healthy Tips" about what's really in Chapstick®?)



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Lip Balm

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    • This Lip Balm base is made with ingredients you find in your kitchen: Coconut Oil, Vegetable Soy Oil, Cocoa Butter
    • Only synthetic ingredient is the Flavor Oil.  (For each stick .006 oz of the total .15 oz lip balm is flavor oil so only .04% is not all-natural.)


    TOXIC COMPARISON: Chapstick brand lip balm lists Camphor as it's second largest ingredient which is manufactured from turpentine. Similar to menthol, Camphor stimulates nerve endings and is also commonly used in Vicks Vapor Rub. Medscape website states "Recommend that camphor not be used in treating children orally.  Ingestion of camphor can cause significant toxicity including death."  (Read my blog about toxic comparisons because there are many more cancer causing ingredients in Chapstick. Go to the top of the MinneMarket website and click on Blogs.)