These soap bars from 'Sota Soap company have complex scents like none you've smelled before.  Each bar has hints of many, some dozens, of fabulous ingredients!  


Luxurious Satisfaction Guaranteed!  If, after trying these soap bars, you are not impressed by the quality or scent you may return your soap bar for a refund.


Due to the uniqueness of each batch you may receive a bar that is a different color or pattern than pictured.


Scent Choices:


Boundary Waters*: Green and blue swirls like pine trees and boundary waters in a soap bar with a fresh cool water scent with a hint of aloe.


Lake Superior*: Blue and White Swirls in a bar with a fresh cold water scent like a crisp sporty cologne.


Wild Flowers: Pink and purple swirls in a soap bar with a light floral scent similar to the popular Love Spell line.


Exotic Loon*: Black and cream swirls in a musky soap bar with light floral undertone.  A touch of sandalwood and patchouli make it exoticly addicting! 


Split Rock*: Yellow, pink and black charcoal swirls in a complex blend of about 12 scents including light and sweet plumeria and vanilla complimented with deep musky amber and patchouli. 


Gooseberry: Pink polka dots in a sweet scented soap bar with hints of herbs, berries and fruit. 


MinneAPPLEis: Red soap bar scented lightly with apples complimented by mango and floral undertones. Reminiscient of apples but will have you guessing if you didn't already know!



*Recommended Scent for Men and Women 


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Coconut Oil, Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Fragrance and Color. The soap bars with black swirls contain detoxing activated charcoal.

Minnesota Themed Soap Bar 4.5 oz

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