Vixen solid perfume is a fruity, floral blend of water lily, jasmine, iris, apple, acanthus, honeysuckle, blackberry, lime, violet and lotus formulated for a fierce vixen


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Solid perfumes can also be used as a cuticle cream, hand salve, skin moisturizer or hair balm.  They are also fantastic to keep in a purse for a portable perfume.  Solid perfumes are ideal for traveling as they are not a liquid and do not need to go into the bag of liquids.  To apply, swirl fingers in perfume and apply directly to wrist, neck, or skin.  Continue application until desired fragrance level is achieved.


Ingredients: Candelilla Wax | Parfum | Carnauba Wax | Castor Oil | Olive Oil | Jojoba Seed Oil | Hydrogenated Castor Oil | Lauryl Laurate | Cetearyl Alcohol


0.5 ounces


Made in Minnesota

"Vixen" Solid Perfume

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